Good Morning. It's Monday again.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Don't you hate morning people? Sorry,I'm usually at my best in the morning and wind down about 7PM. I'm pretty wiped out in the evenings. I'm leaving this AM for spring break. It's the last one I have to plan around the school districts schedule. I'm heading down to the beach for some R&R. It's the same housework type thing but I like the different surroundings. We redid the kitchen recently so I'm looking forward to checking it out.

difficult child stopped by. He completed 2 days of pretty hard work washing dishes and busing tables. I guess he was getting teased a bit in the back. Squirted with water from the sink and that sort of stuff. I had to talk to him about being the low man on the totem pole and realising that is part of process. He is mad at himself for screwing up the last job which was temp controlled, quiet and fairly peaceful to doing this pretty difficult job. One day at a time.

Hope you all have a pleasant Monday. I need to pack and head out. Talk to you later. </span>

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Good Morning!

Fran-A spring break escape sounds nice! Enjoy-you deserve it. Good for difficult child for completing what sounds like hard and not fun work. I'm sorry he is getting teased though-I don't like the sound of that and hope it stops soon.

difficult child had his wrestling tournament yesterday and took third out of four which was nice. I just wish he could hold it together a bit better. He gets so goofy and thinks he's being funny and instead is obnoxious but won't listen to us about it. A difficult child not listening-go figure.

Anyways we even got in a nap and workout yesterday after the tournament because it didn't last as long as usual. Last night we all had fun playing a junior edition of password-difficult child had fun and was appropriate.

Today it's back to work. Tonight difficult child has faith formation class. I'll be glad when it's done for the year-only four classes left. Wrestling is done then too so we won't, hopefully, be running somewhere every night.

Enjoy your day-hi to anyone who snuck in. :salute:


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G'day, Fran, Sharon and whoever follows. Fran, enjoy y our break. You've earned it. Sorry to heat difficult child is copping nasty stuff though. Some horseplay is one thing, but when it's not wanted or it's upsetting, it's inappropriate.

Sharon, I'm glad difficult child held it together for the tournament and afterwards. It's good when things come together well.

I'm totally wiped out. The evening bun rush has finally finished and I've left husband finishing clearing the debris while I copy a HUGE file for difficult child 3 to take to school tomorrow. We have to go into the city for a state-wide writing test so I'm taking the opportunity to hand in work completed which includes this PowerPoint presentation on composting. It's now occupying half my memory stick. It takes about ten minutes to play the thing - his teacher is in for a shock, I suspect.

Tonight I had planned to feed leftovers to people - we've been accumulating bits and pieces when I've been experimenting with filo pastry, for example. I have a batch of cheese and spinach filo rolls which I was late cooking two nights ago so everybody was too tired when they were done. I'm going to have to freeze them. easy child 2/difficult child 2 isn't feeling well (hasn't been for two months) and is VERY picky about food, always wanting something different but eating very little of it, if any, when it's ready. New recipes take time to get right, so too often she's gone to bed without eating much. And there's some cooked sausages which were for people to snack on instead of eating rubbish - but they've been eating rubbish. So I figured - tonight's the night. But I knew I'd need to make more food with what spare ingredients I had, so I made chicken supreme (using leftover stock and a surplus of red capsicum) and then some sushi, from a salmon fillet I'd bought yesterday afternoon, forgetting that the kids wouldn't be home.

husband ate the solitary spinach, mushroom and cheese roll which left the rest of the plain spinach ones. Everybody else ate chicken supreme. I made a batch of sushi (being so tired I made it inside out, accidentally) and was too tired to eat much myself. I fed that to easy child 2/difficult child 2 and boyfriend (at last! Something they'll eat!) and was getting ready to make a second batch when I finally got enough access to the computer to go through difficult child 3's work for the day - his PowerPoint. While husband laid down the law to the rest of the house ("difficult child 3's schoolwork takes precedence - we're only getting to this now because you lot hogged the computer all afternoon and evening") difficult child 3 & I tried to fix the last few bugs in his file. We ran out of time to take out a lot of dead weight so I'm taking it in as a draft document.
So I never got back to the sushi. More food to freeze as leftovers (the sliced salmon fillet should freeze, shouldn't it?) and to shove in the fridge.

And what did easy child 2/difficult child 2 bring home from work today? Leftovers!

I could scream.


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Good Morning Everyone!

I'm not a morning person, but am up for school. Blah. lol Sure am ready for spring break myself Fran. I keep telling myself only 2 more weeks to go. Then I remember I'll have finals first. UGH! lmao

Same old, same old going on around here. T still hunting for a job. husband still waiting for his to get out of negotiations. N doing o/l school. And Aubrey growing like a weed.

I hope everyone has a great day today. Now I've got to go get ready.

Hugs to all! :flower:


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Good morning!
Fran- Enjoy your break! Hopefully the teasing difficult child is facing is good-natured and an attempt to pull him into the group. A minor initiation of sorts that will soon be over. Fingers crossed.
Sharon- Your schedule sounds way too hectic. I hope you get some rest at school, lol!
Marg- I bet your refrigerator looks like mine, lol! I'm on a constant quest to use up our leftovers.
Lisa- Have a great day at school. It's hard to believe there's only a few weeks left for you before finals...
I have to drop off my car for an oil change & lube job, then get home & get cleaning. My home is a sty, yuck! We're going to have hopefully our last truly frigid blast of cold air tonight (down close to 0F overnight), then I hope we start the long climb into spring.
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:
Good Morning Everyone :coffee:!

Fran, Enjoy spring break :smile: :flower: :bath:, etc...!!! Poor difficult child!!! I'm sure the job is hard enough without getting teased!!! It's good he didn't quit!!! I hope it gets easier for him...

Sharon, It sounds like things are going pretty well even though you're so BUSY!!! Way To Go!!! It's great that you were able to get a :smile: in!!!

Marg, As usual, you have a zillion things to do!!! What time is dinner??? Leftovers sound great to me!!! I hope easy child 2/difficult child 2 feels better soon!!! I hope difficult child 3 does well on the writing test!!! Try to find some time for yourself :flower: :bath:, etc...!!!

Lisa, I hope T finds a job soon!!! It must be very frustrating!!! If you ever have a moment, how about posting more pictures of Aubrey??? She is so CUTE!!! They grow up so fast... Either that, or I'm just getting so OLD!!! Have a good day, and, remember, take some time for yourself :bath: :flower:, etc...!!!

I can't wait for spring :flower:!!! I'm going to tackle a bit of spring cleaning early. I'm going to start on a few closets... I HATE cleaning out closets, but, I like to get rid of clutter and junk - It makes me feel like spring is on the way... :flower:

A bit more :coffee: and I'm off to :smile:. I didn't get it done early this morning. I had :coffee: with husband and talked about possible summer plans...

Hi to anyone who snuck in... And, everyone, take time to do something just for you :flower:... Have a great day :flower: WFEN


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Have a great time at the beach, Fran!
Sharon, glad your difficult child is at least participating in wrestling. Goofy? Yeah, been there done that!
Marg, you're making me hungry!
Lisa, good luck with-everything (especially staying awake).
Brr, TM! It got chilly here midday yesterday all of a sudden. We're about 3-4 hrs south of you and had to wear winter coats and gloves. At least the sun was out yesterday.

We all saw the eclipse Sat. night. It was fantastic! I called several friends to remind them and they were surprised/had forgotten. Of course, difficult child had to act like it was no big deal. "I've seen these at least 6 X," in a know-it-all voice. That ODD stuff is so irritating.
He loved seeing the Harlem Globetrotters, and loved his 1st day of Little League practice. He lost his computer yesterday for an hr but earned it back.
easy child is living through another teen angst moment... her friends are reestablishing friendships and she's been left out... planned a weekend with-4 girls at the beach in March for her big Sweet 16 birthday, but 2 of them made other plans and she only just found out. She's been attached to her cell ph and IM with-an umbilical cord. The only good part is that it keeps her in a room separate from difficult child!

The kids are on break this wk. I hope we all survive one another.

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Good morning friends,

I really slept in this morning. Sipping my hmj & staring at my calendar for the week. I cannot keep blowing off appointments - have to face up to life.

Fran, enjoy the spring break.
Sharon, congrats to difficult child.
Marg, I'm working on a Greek spinach dish for dinner tonight - spanokepita (sp?). I'll let you know - takes a lot of phyllo.
Lisa, good day at school.
TM, when you're done at my house, feel free to head over here - could use a hand. Want to get my spring cleaning going.
WFEN, ditto what I told TM.
Terry, the weather here wasn't cooperating with the eclipse. husband was so bummed.

I have a few loads of laundry to tackle today. B12 shots, marriage counseling tomorrow. Really don't care to talk about Wednesday yet.

Keep fingers crossed that we find staff for kt soon. I'm between a rock & a hard place here.

Keep it calm - give your loved ones a hug today.


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JUst a quickie drop in ..........
I am NOT a morning person, I am, by nature, a 2nd shifter, LOL. BUT I was born with the good fortune to wake up easy and wide awake and in a good mood. Left to my own devices, I would go to bed approx 2 am and wake approx 8 am.......but necessity most of my life since age 12 required me to still be at work at 2 am and awake to be back to start by 6 am. My absolute worst time of day is approx 2 PM till 8 PM. My cowrkers and husband and kids would get so mad at me cuz I am so with it and energetic first thing in the morning. ANd while I like coffee, I do not usually do coffee first thing, I usually do not have coffee till closer to noon. LOL

Have a great day everyone!


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PS I LOVE spanekopita! Till I was 30 (from age 12) I worked for Greek owned restaurants, and oh how I love spanekopita! YUM!

I love Pastichio, too.

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I haven't made this dish since the tweedles were placed with us. husband asked me to fix it tonight - putzy to put together, but I agree - it's a wonderful dish!

So, dinner is around 6 if you want to drop in. :smile:


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Hey! I think the snow has finnally stopped falling, blowing and drifting here, LOL- and I like your state-------------LOL, THANKS YUM! SHall I make an Athenian salad to bring? (oldest difficult child requested that for our dinner tonite, LOL)