need to take some opinionsPoll on children bathing


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Alright...I need to take some opinions.

I need to know:

Is it OK for an 8 year old boy and a 2 year old girl to bathe together?

I'll leave it at that and answer questions along the way.

Thanks for your time! :salute:


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My name is tiredmommy, and I'm a prude. An eight year old boy and a two year girl are at such different developmental stages that bathing together probably isn't advisable unless absolutely necessary. Just my .02.


I probably wouldn't be comfortable with it either. Depends on the kids.
I've tried to picture every possible combination of boy and girl (6 years younger) that I know, related or not, in a tub together. With and without parental supervision.

My answer is no.


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Can't picture it either... sorry. My girls are only 3 years apart 6 & 3 yo and they don't bathe together, because they fight and like their space...

Boy and girl with that age difference... no.

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Too large of age difference. Nope. Not a good idea.

Maybe I'm a bit prudish too, but once my kids were 2 yrs they bathed only with the same sex. And even then if the age difference was more than say a yr, then no.

I have a friend who makes her 11 yr old son shower with her 7 yr old son. Honestly, I've spoken to her repeatedly about it. I don't think it's appropriate. Plus you'd have to be blind deaf and dumb not to notice the 11 yr old is VERY uncomfortable with the whole thing. The 7 yr old is developmentally delayed, but older brother is hitting puberty and is embarrassed.

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I think 8 year old boys may be at a developmental age when it is uncomfortable for HIM, not necessarily the 2 year old girl. She may point or ask questions about his privates that make him feel strange or uncomfortable, you know? I think he's at an age where he will become more modest and desire some more privacy.

And the 2 year old should be able to enjoy a playful bathtime on her own.


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Gotta vote no on it too. I think the 8 year old should be showering along and the 2 year old needs parental supervision. The age gap is too far apart.


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No. My daughter is 7 and son is 4. I wouldn't allow them to bathe together either.

At age 8, he needs his privacy and should be allowed to shower on his own. There shouldn't be a need to bathe them together. My 7 year old showers with occasional help from me with her hair. She's been doing so, since she was about 6 1/2.


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I guess I would have to also vote "no" on this one, too. I can't really remember a time when our munchkins shared a bathtub - they're 3 years apart. First, difficult child was too active a toddler to be in with baby easy child - and then, difficult child just seemed to old to be in with easy child.