should know by end of day about difficult child

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    heading to dr. with-difficult child at 11 today, pyschiatrist. than to peditrician to do a urine analysis on her to c how dehydrated she is.

    dr. said by end of day depending on urine sample and pyschiatrist should know if difficult child has to be placed in hospital or we can handle this from home. He said it may have to be an inpatient stay at hospital if she is refusing to eat and drink at this point, because she has lost alot of her body weight/fat. he wants to weigh her on his scale to get a true gauge compare it to his last weighing in of her.

    let me just say i am not sleeping, feel like garbage and have told myself i should sleep and rest thru this yet my mind's clicking away.

    also trying to deal with-school to get them to send me some tutors right now.
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    Thanks for the update. Hope things go as well today as they can.
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    Keep us posted.

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    school finally called back. wow this is snowballing sooo quickly i'm kinda in shock mode. team mtg. will be held anyway tmrw. so they can talk and try to get some stuff in place for difficult child and brainstorm. i told them i'll try to be there if i can or will try to call in and can do on speaker.

    they said np with sending home tutors, no problem with school, no problem with anything just go do what i gotta do. again nice to not have to fight with-a school.
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    fingers crossed. inpatient might be what she needs right now. School will likely need an order from the doctor to get her on homebound education which is what will be needed if she needs tutors. Have the pediatrician write down what you want her to have - he can say homebound education for the school year, for the 9 weeks, or whatever. He can say she is to be out of school until X date, or whatever you all think she will need.

    Keep us posted - and call YOUR doctor for some medications for sleep for YOU. If you are going to care for her, you have to care for YOU first. That means if your mind won't shut off because your own anxiety and worry then YOU need to get help too. Even if it is just a short run of ambien or lunesta or whatever.
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    thx yea we'll c. i am soo tired though. just gotta get thru today one step at a time with-her and see where it all ends up. just wish i had another adult with-me. when i'm tired like this my retention is minimal. bringing paper and pen with-me.
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    I'm so sorry you are going through this. You and yours are in our prayers.

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    So sorry that you're dealing with this, Jena. It sounds like you're right on top of things, and the docs and the school are with you -- it's so much easier when everyone is in sync. Let us know how today goes. Hugs.
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    so, basically met with-this dr. he prescribed remeron for her. starting it tonight. he said the not eating is an obsessional Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) thing that is her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) kicking up very badly plus her anxiety. triggered by middle school. end result he told difficult child if you do not eat you could die, and we would have to put u in the hospital with-a feeding tube. so i want you to go home and eat lol. hmmm. i said therapy?? he said well she's way too gone right now for that she wont' adhere it wont' work. it's up to you to get her to eat now. seems like to me was slap on wrist, go home and eat.

    I don't know what to think. gotta head to peditriican in a bit to get urine done. he wants it faxed over and me to call to see if she's dehydrated and we have to head to hospital to get hydrated. so, i'm in same place as was yet with-medication.

    it's a day by day thing i guess at this point. he said if you can't get her eating and today than hospital it is. nothing like a little pressure for me. she lied to him told him she ate etc. i cleared that up. yet i'm not sure he really got it. he said to me difficult child told me she missed breakfast today? i said do you understand that she hasnt' eaten breakfast in about a mos. now and it's been two weeks of minimal food and past week or pretty much none and past 3 days of no food and no water??

    seems like a nice guy, had alot of top pysch awards for certain years around office. who knows. maybe once medication gets in there and builds up in system she'll be sedated enough where i can get food down. yet she's pretty convinced she'll choke and die. i said how am i an untrained person supposed to get my own kid to eat when i havent' been able to all this time?? what will magically change?? maybe him saying hey kid your going to die and wind up in hospital?

    she flipped out on way home had huge panic attack i calmed her as i drove and told her whatever your heart desires is lunch today. she chose subway. now i have to go in and see if i can get her to eat it.
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    Remeron is a very good medication for eating disorders. It has helped my daughter M a lot. Once it gets into her system, it will calm her anxiety and make her hungry so she will want to eat. I hope it will start working quickly so you can avoid the hospital.

    Hang in there. Hugs!
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    wait now went to her peditrician and he said let's check a few more medical things. dr said maybe it's low strep down her throat? Than he said let's double check her thyroid. and said it infront of difficult child. than he said go get some prilosec and try that to also see if it's acid reflux. so difficult child is now convinced yet again she may have a medical problem with-her throat. yet i guess it's better to run all the tests.

    long story short, went to pharmacy they do not have medication. it's now ordered. bought prilosec to give 2nite. going to mtg. at school at 8 to set up tutors and also put iep in place and also some other junk they wanna do have no clue with-alll her 9 teachers, and than running home to get blood done at lab.

    husband isn't home today and tmrw when he normally would be because of the firing manager thing and so he's a no show around here lately and i miss him a bit.

    than after all of that i will die :)

    i'm just finding it all confusing when none of the doctor's agree with-one another. way too much information across the board today. by the way she still hasnt' eaten. refuses to eat. took bite of subway i got her and cried. her dr. said she can go at least another 2 weeks with-o solids before i'd say hospitalize her. also she isnt' dehyrdated yet don't know if i wrote that in last post. she has some keystones, she's dry yet not there yet. he said wow that's amazing and not even a full cup of water in a day. he said she's built well.

    crazy thing is once i get this underway and hopefully solved one way or another it's back to the drawing board on all her other issues that i was looking to medicate for. my head is spinning right now as i'm sure anyone who is reading this is as well.
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    Jena, thinking of you and your daughter, I so wish your little girl didn't have to go through all this yucky stuff. I hope you get some rest before you fall apart.

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    Oh, Jena, you poor thing.

    One bite of Subway, 1/2 c of water. Not good.

    after all of that i will die :)

    LOL! Even if you were sleeping, you'd still be exhausted from the emotional stress. Please be good to yourself.
  14. Jena

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    hi guys and thanks........ yes me the mom drama queen with-my die thing. i'm just angry tonight mostly, seriously angry. i dont' rage but i feel like i am brewing now. i know we all go thru similar things i musnt' be the only one with-anger. i am ready to clear my dresser right now lol. i keep saying to myself it'll be a huge mess after dont' do it. than the other me says oooh but it'll feel soo good :)

    terry gotta go read your stuff tmrw. i am so sorry havent' looked at anyone elses posts, difficult child was on easy child most of night. now ofcourse shes' melting down from dr telling her she's going to die. hmm was that the right approach?? le'Tourette's Syndrome see kid still hasnt' eaten. once medication goes in so will food. that's what im betting on. :)
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    i am ready to clear my dresser right now lol.

    I got one of my jobs that way. I interviewed for a job where the previous employee didn't like being called on the carpet for being 6 hrs late (she just showed up when the spirit moved her) and she used her arm and swept everything off of the editor's desk.

    I showed up the next day. :)

    Fingers crossed that the medications work a miracle tonight.
  16. DammitJanet

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    I dont understand a pharmacy not having remeron on hand. That is unreal! Its not like its an unheard of medication.

    Personally I would put her on the remeron and let them test away for all the other stuff. At least she would start sleeping better and it would help out with some of her anxiety.
  17. smallworld

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    Jen, just so you know, Remeron comes in an oral-disintegrating tablet that is easy to get into your daughter if she won't swallow a pill. I hope that's what the psychiatrist prescribed so you won't have to fight with her to get the medications into her.

    I agree with Janet -- start the medications while the testing is going on. At least she'll start to sleep, her anxiety will lessen and she may even start to eat.

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    hi guys

    terry that's funny......... i'm telling you i cant' even rage the right way lol. there i am being all logical with well if i clear that dresser off with-my hands than i'll have a huge mess. how funny am I? i slept like i was dead last night. husband looked at me wanted to spend time talking,catching up cause haven't seen him. i was like yea no! not tonight i gotta Speech Language Pathologist (SLP). alarm went off to go to school mtg. that hurt.

    janet - yes that's exactly what i'm going to do when she wakes up today head to lab next. gotta cover all bases. she hates blood tests who doesnt' so i cant' even tell her where we are going or i won't be able to get the 5'3" child into the car. she's soo tall she almost reaches me now. scarey.

    small - that is exactly the medication which is why they didnt' have it and needed to order it. so that's what i'm waiting for.

    went to school mtg. all teachers as well as her case manager were really nice except for the core teacher she's going to be a rough one indeed. all about the academics, handing me a pile of work while in there we already have a pile of work here.

    i said let's get something straight now, academics is very important which is why i am here, yet now health is priority so you guys will be on back burner. we will accomplish what we can when we can. i will make up a schedule here at home for her till we get tutors in, with doctor's, schoolwork time, taking walks, etc. yet there wont' be a whole lotta of pressuring for work to get done initially until her body has a chance to adjust to the medication.

    they are all gearing up for long term home schooling with-her. guess they've seen this before. i told them my aim is to get her back in here and quickly. if she's out too long the re entrance will be a struggle beyond belief. I said we're all just going to have to be on the same page, everyone knows 504 plan and what their piece is in this and take it from there. case manager, school Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) is going to come to the house next week sometime to meet with-her before re entrance back in so they can get to know one another. i thought that was great.

    they said we can give her a reduced schedule, half day schedule, any supports she needs.

    i have to be honest, i had flashbacks of working with-that crisis team advocacy work i did for while this a.m. and sitting there with-other parents and kids with same exact problem always thinking well i'm lucky that it hasnt' come to this with-my kid. than being in it was a bit odd for me and deflating. we have avoided hospitalizations, home schooling for so long and now we're here at least with-the school piece and it's unnerving. Im' really trying not to look too far down the road and just stay in the day for now.

    i know all of us at times just sit and shake our heads at what we go thru, endure, etc. and say ok this isn't very fair not the picture i had in my head of what having a family and raising children would be like blah, blah, blah than we snap out of it. i'm looking for my snap part now :)
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    Jena, I have to say reading your posts cracks me up. You are funny. But yes I know anger and I know rage!!!!! I swear there are sooo many times I have just wanted to punch my difficult child square in the face. I seriously think she needs it,
  20. Jena

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    i'm glad i could provide comic relief :) everyone in my house tells me i'm not funny. i'm like no i really am. you guys just have absolutely no sense of humor! as far as punching kids. well let me just say yes iv' invisioned placing my hand on my oldest easy child's face quite a many time............. i have yet to do it....................... but wow when she's nasty i soo want'll just be one of those bucket list things never accomplished!!!:angel2: