Thomas...wish us luck


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At 2:15PM Thomas goes for his vet checkup. It had originally been scheduled for last week but I had to reschedule due to the blizzard.

I have no idea how he's going to handle this at all. Up until half an hour ago, he was all over me. He has now disappeared, which figures.

He has to have his shots, a nasty ear cleaned, a physical, his teeth checked out to confirm that he needs dental care (it's obvious), and a blood panel drawn.

Please send vibes for Thomas that he isn't too petrified and that he doesn't freak out. I'll report back once we get back home.

ToK and Thomas


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Just got back. Thomas was so petrified he was like a wet dishrag. He spent the whole time trying to crawl into my shirt!

He has a yeast infection in his left ear. The vet cleaned it and I have drops to put in it 2x daily. His heart and lungs are fine, and the rest of the physical exam was good.

I get the results of the blood work tomorrow.

Got some bad news on his teeth though. The vet is hoping they can save a FEW teeth. She is seeing a lot of decay around the roots that I didn't know enough to see.

She feels that he has never had any dental care. "Red factor" (Cream or "orange") cats are prone to gingivitis, it's a genetic thing, and they require good and frequent dental care. Thomas has terrible gingivitis. She was able to do a pretty thorough exam on him, and several of his remaining teeth are loose and will have to be pulled. She's not sure about the big molars. She is hoping she can save those.

If those have to go, he will have to eat soft food from here on out.

I was horrified when I looked in his mouth and it turns out it's worse than I thought it was.

He is scheduled, assuming the blood work is OK, for a dental on the 24th.

Other than that, he howled all the way to the vet and all the way back home. My ears are still ringing!


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GN, glad he survivied it. I have a cat too and he just loves the vet (note sarcasm there).

Even toothless, he is one lucky cat to have you loving him.


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Your cat is lucky to have you taking such good care of it. I've never had a cat that could tolerate car rides very well. They always yowl and fuss.


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He got a whole bunch of "Wellness Kittles", which are the only treat he likes (he loves 'em) and a lot of loving.

My vet just called with his blood test results and they are perfect! So now all we need to worry about is saving as many teeth as possible and getting a little weight on him.

His fur is growing out and he is now officially FUZZY! He looks ridiculous, but as a dignified older gentleman, I try not to tell him that.


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Dignified older gentlemen are so very particular about their looks he would be mortified to know he isn't his usual handsome self.

Glad to know the blood work came out perfect.


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Thomas cracks me up because he's so dignified and specializes in being clumsy and doing undignified things. I spend a lot of time trying to laugh discreetly so I don't hurt his feelings.

He and Squeaky are now existing in a state of détente. Not friends yet, but no longer squabbling. They share me in bed now, not just share the bed.

Squeaky sleeps ON me, and Thomas (after a bit of discussion) sleeps cuddles up next to me with his head on my pillow. It's cozy, but makes getting up to pee a bit of an adventure.

When the vet called with the blood test results and to ask me if I'd already scheduled the dental, she assured me that the "Coon Crew" would take good care of Thomas.

Sounds like the old gent has his very own fan club!


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GN, you have what Thomas and most of our pet family a nd joy of him and the belief he is a part of your family.

He is a very lucky (and I suspect he will become a very spoiled cat too).

I have spent my entire life with an uber soft spot for young children and animals. I really enjoy others who feel the same and understand ;) Happy vibes from this part of freezing Wisconsin to your neck of our woods :) Thomas is an indoor cat?


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MWM, Squeaky AND Thomas are already spoiled rotten. It's a normal state of existence for my critters, though I am convinced that in actuality, I am their human, LOL!

Thomas and Squeaky are both inside cats. Thomas was kept outside before. Jakey was an indoor/outdoor cat because he refused to use a litterpan. He went to the door and asked to be let out when he had to relieve himself. On nice days, he stood out for an hour or so. On nasty days, I held the door open while he made a mad dash for the lilac bush that shaded his toilet area (yes, I cleaned up under there weekly)


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Well, GN, then your cats are in the same exact situation as my two little doggies and my cat. I mean SPOILED.

I will relate a kind of funny story. My husband I drove my daughter to a shopping mall so she could buy some make up and hair products for homecoming. There was a Petco in the mall. Oh, boy.

When we were down shopping, my daughter said, "You spent as much on the animals as me."

She was right.

They sure do get us wrapped around their little paws, don't they? Stinkers!


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Aw, I'm glad that the bloodwork on Thomas came back ok. I know that my husband (who proclaims that he doesn't love the cats) texts me continuously from work asking if I heard from the vet when we are expecting blood work results for the cats. It's always a relief. Thomas is lucky to have you taking care of him!


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I complain about mine all the time. Mostly the hair and dirt they leave everywhere. It drives me nuts.


When husband is gone or I am sick they are my life! They know that when he isn't here they get to get on the bed and sleep with me and my elkhound has a second sense about when I am sick. She will lay in bed with me all day and occasionally beg for rubs.

One day I was particularly sick and in and out of it. husband got home at 530pm and asked if I had let the dog out. I said no she has been on the bed with me all day. Normally husband lets her out in the AM and then she is crated during the day so I didn't think anything about it. On that day she had refused to leave my side that morning and hadn't gone to the potty since the night before. I felt so bad!!


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Thomas was a hoot when we got back from the vet. He bolted out of the carrier. He ran and hid under the futon in the living room. He ran from there and hid under the bed. He bolted from there into the kitchen. By now, Squeaky is following him because she can't figure out what his problem is.

He ran around in a couple of big circles and wound up in front of the fridge begging for treats (I keep the treats on top of the fridge). I obliged.

I found it interesting that he reverted to scaredy-cat mode for a few minutes and then defaulted to starving-cat mode.

Yes,it was a huge relief that the blood work was good. he's at the age where kidney disease starts and in cats, it's asymptomatic until a great deal of damage is done. The only way to catch it is with regular blood work.

If he comes out of this with any teeth, he'll need regular dental care as well, which won't be cheap, either. The irony is that the shelter was having a "sale" on senior cats and Thomas' adoption fee was a whole 15 dollars! He's been a walking vet bill since I got him.

Just goes to show that there's no such thing as a cheap pet.

Actually (knock wood), Squeaky is low-maintenance. She has perfect teeth, has never needed dental care, eats anything, has perfect digestion, and goes to the vet once a year for shots and a physical. She had one big bill when I first got her and she needed a deformed, blind eye removed.

That's surprising as she was seized at 4 from a hoarder's hellhole, was horribly malnourished and ill, had four kittens with her, and wound up sitting in the shelter for 7 mos before I took her home.

She turned into a wonderful little cat but it took MONTHS of work to get her settled in.