bipolar child

  1. T

    what do you think

    should i write a letter to judge with past history and current status of my Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) daughter along with the facts she refuses help of all kinds
  2. M

    Bipolar Son

    My so is 20. He had his first stint in the psychiatric ward at 17. Since then it has been hell. He has started stalking a girl and was arrested. We had to leave him in jail for 8days I order to convince court he is not right. They did and stated he needed a psychiatric evaluation and follow treatment...
  3. T

    17 Yr old son has CD

    Well, my son has Conduct disorder, ADHD, Bipolar and likely Executive Function disorder... this all came to light about 2 months ago when, after having moved in with me and my wife for 2 months, we discovered he had stolen over $8000 from emergency funds we had hidden in our room (pretty much...
  4. newstart

    Back in the dark lonesome hole.

    This is my first time posting here. First of all, I love my daughter age 35 with all my heart. She is 35 bipolar, selfish, lies and steals. This last couple of weeks has been so hard that I have become ill again and I know this effects my health and can cause major depression, something I try to...
  5. mollyzuzu

    What will it take to get son put in residential

    Hi all, I have been posting concerning my son in and out of mental hospital, bipolar, autism, adhd, cannabis disorder, substance abuse and the list of diagnosis goes on. He is on a court order not to do drugs, alcohol, steal and he is supposed to listen to his parents till next august. He has...
  6. L

    Convinced my daughter has bipolar disorder as she has every symptom..

    I posted on Friday about the hell were going through with our 11 year old daughter, I have spent years researching trying to find out why she is so different, she's angry, short tempered, unhappy and when she is happy she can't deal with her emotions and that usually turns into anger too! She's...
  7. H

    My child has ADHD, destructive mood, ptsd and bi polar

    My son is currently taking, 500mg depakote twice a day, risperidone 1mg once day and as needed for serious mood swings and adderall 30 mg twice a day. As of late my son has been very defiant and confertational when spoken too. Some of his adderall medicine has disappeared. He's been cussing at...
  8. kim75062

    vyvanse experiance

    as most of you know my little guy has issues with stimulants and seems to metabolize them faster then they can safely be given. The doctor thinks that vyvanse may work better for him then the others because of the long duration of the effects. And positive results from his sister taking the same...
  9. mom22

    Son in hopsital feel like we're on wrong path

    I posted for the first time a few days ago just after my son was admitted to the psychiatric hospital straight from his regular psychiatric appointment. He is almost 9. The plan or reason for admitting (as I understood it then) was to get him off all medications (abilify, risperdal, and...
  10. AlanaGW

    8 yo, adhd/dmdd/odd, and only getting worse.

    So I just found this place today, I'm so glad that I did, so I figured I'd just jump right in and post because as much as I appreciate my friends offering their support I just want someone who can relate and goes through this struggle with me. So to start out, my son has had issues with defiance...
  11. JRC

    Just need to vent

    In general, my difficult child has been doing pretty well. But, it's two steps forward, one step back--always.(He has bipolar disorder.) And I'm tired. I feel isolated. I feel unreliable--both socially and with other commitments. My husband and I are basically on the same page when it comes to...
  12. 4Tall

    Another Almost-18 year old in custody of CPS

    This must be an epidemic -- my 17 year old Difficult Child with bipolar disorder had another manic episode on Monday -- this time at school, where people besides me got to experience it. He attends a non-public school for kids with emotional disability, but hadn't really been displaying the...
  13. R

    How do you survive?

    I have an almost 6 yo DS (only child) with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) (high functioning), ADHD, DMDD, ODD who completely wrecked my life. He has made my life a living hell. And he is only 5.The last time I was happy was 5 years ago. Our house and lives are WWIII. He is extremely aggressive, destructive, always angry...
  14. J

    Adult son mom's guilt needs support

    The guilt and enabling my adult son is getting the best of me. The only strength I have left is to ignore the calls, ignore the promises, ignore the begging. I just can't face my son when he has told me he wants to be drug free and mentally stable but if I will let him come home. I now except...
  15. Mirrorimage

    Difficult 5 year old!

    God I need some help. I have a 5 year old girl. From about 2 she has been very highly strung would have a paddy and scream till she wet herself up to about 4 years old.. I have another girl almost two years older than her. I put it down to frustration.. She settled a little bit for about 6...
  16. Overit


    Hi this is my first post, I'm settled now but very concerned for my 10 year old daughter. My daughter has been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, and I don't remember the name but it is a disrespect for authority figures at the age of 6. She takes Concerts daily although I don't like to give it to her...
  17. HMBgal

    Anyone with experience using Sand Tray Therapy?

    Hi all. My grandson has a new psychiatrist. He wants to do this type of therapy, only with Minecraft. It's one-on-one therapy. It seems really cool, but wondered what experiences you might have had.
  18. Monica Barosse

    My 4 year old is out of control, he was kicked out of kinder

    Hello to all, Im new here, I really hope someone can relate to me because i truly have never seen a kid behave as bad as my 4 year old son, he is very manipulative, he wont listen to anything I say, he yells at me, hits me (in public or anywhere it doesnt matter), he wont listen to any basic...
  19. S

    Keeps regressing

    DS12's depression keeps getting worse. We tried Zoloft and then Celexa after a Zoloft fail. With both the Zoloft and Celexa we saw huge improvements and then major backslides. We then ruled out SSRIs and tried Lamictal. As we were titrating up there was almost a switch overnight at 150 and I...
  20. S

    First post... 8 year old violent ADHD in shared custody situation

    First-- Hi. I'm new, I've been reading through many of these posts and it's helping me realize I'm not alone. Second-- I just ordered that book everyone recommends, the Explosive Child, and that will be my weekend task this weekend. Here's the situation. Dad's sister is diagnosed paranoid...