drug abuse

  1. Littleboylost

    Life continues ....not 100% drama free but 100% better

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. E continues to mature and grow in leaps and bounds. He is a typical messy teen boy perhaps not as mature as his 19 years more like 17 but that is the delayed development from drug use. He had a part time job as he found it too hard to focus on...
  2. Littleboylost

    D Day is upon us.

    Hi all! I know again I don’t get here as often as I’d like but I’ve spent the morning catching up on most of your posts I do follow along as much as I possibly can. Today is the day son comes home from his six months in long-term residential rehab. He has made some excellent progress he had one...
  3. Littleboylost

    The second 36

    we just came back from dropping our son off at his long term in patient rehab program. This last 36 hour was excellent not a hitch to his goals and behaviour. He had a very rough week and this is the second week life had be n tough in the rehab program. There have been a number of new...
  4. Littleboylost

    Half Way

    Hi all; Well Evan is half way through the 6 month programand he is doing very well. He has had 3 leaves 2 24 hour and 1 36 hour that he is presently home for. He was out too late with girlfriend last night and I was up until he came home. Pacing and worried. I do no believe that he has relapsed but...
  5. Littleboylost

    Progress not Perfection for all of us.

    It’s so hard to believe a year ago today I had my son arrested for the first time. And you all know the hell rhat followed. Fast forward to today, he is still in long term rehab and embracing his program. He is now mentoring new residents. He is so very happy and healthy. He has had 2 24 hour...
  6. Littleboylost

    Trying to make a change.

    I have decided that I want to be anonymous no more. I want to lobby for change so that other parents who have children sufferings from mental health and substance abuse do not have to face the same challenges to accessing care that we did. My goals are To make amendments to the youth act that...
  7. Littleboylost

    Easter 6

    Hello my dear friends; A very happy Easter to all of you. We have a 6 hour visit with our son E tomorrow. We can take him off sight but not out of the county where the rehab is located. We struggle ourselves with PTSD and remain in therapy. We are challenged with the crazy cop mom and her...
  8. Littleboylost

    First Call from Rehab

    we got our first call from E in rehab today. He was courteous and calm. He asked for a few items nothing big. Asked for photos of us!! He sounds like he is planning on staying. Hope with no expectations today is a good day.
  9. Littleboylost

    He is in Rehab

    the last week was so exhausting. I am a ball of unidentifiable emotions. Son is in Rehab and husband did drive him. He had a last tangle with his girlfriend that was beyond frusreating. How cop mom even allowed acces to her daughter by my son who left her home with cocainr!! I am sick with a bad...
  10. Littleboylost

    24 Hours

    Hi al; First of all I am sorry that I am taking more than I can contribute to the fprim. But in good old addiction recovery terms for all of us it is what it is. I’d like to say that I’m on cloud nine and ecstatic but three detoxes into rehab then my son is about to head off to his long-term...
  11. Littleboylost


    We finally have a bed for rehab intake! March 5th. I am hopeful and cautious all at the same time. I am exausted after a stressful week at work. And the work dynamic is not a healthy one. People suck at times.
  12. Littleboylost

    He’s Back

    Difficult Child AS came back tonight. We have seen him twice since Dec 25th. Today he rolls in like nothing had changed and he had not been gone at all. It is 4:30 am I wake to shouting and find him gaming. Words were unpleasantly exchanged. Shortly after I hear him go down the stairs. My first thought is...
  13. Littleboylost

    For your information my son is NOT OK

    I was at work today my second day of orientation on my new job and I get a text from Cop Mom. “Just a heads up. I’m out of town today until late Thursday night. With my dad so no rides to school. That alway how I ensure they go. As that is the deal. All day everyday They are fine at...
  14. T

    Why do I always question myself?

    My D.C. Is 16 years old. I won't go into his whole history, but these behaviors have been going on for 7 long years. He was just suspended for 2 days from school for fighting. This is his 2nd code of conduct disorder (for sports). Last year he got one for smoking pot. The school went easy on him...
  15. The exhausted tiny bear

    Not even sad just numb borderline don’t care

    Well daughter ran away I reported it but honestly I’m not to worried maybe if they find her in drugs the system will do something about versus me struggling to keep her in line I’m at my wits end she came home lied about the principal and the profanity shirt then started screaming and throwing...
  16. The exhausted tiny bear

    Everyday is bad day we no longer have good days

    Not even one hour of being back to school after Christmas break and I get a phone call she’s wearing a shirt that says f you it could be worse atleast this time it’s not revealing a body part Should I just lock up most of her clothes up and give her specific outfits two for home two for school...
  17. Littleboylost

    Drugs, normal teen crap and life in Limbo

    Well it goes and so it goes. AS is staying close to home and if he isn’t here he is spending time with his new found girlfriend. Pardon me if I don’t get too close or excited about the girl. He has had 5 GFs in the past 2 years. He goes to school and is late at times. We have covered the late...
  18. Littleboylost

    Devine Interverion

    what a 24 hours oh my my. First I was 100% correct my sons lawyer has wings. I am certain of it. She called me this morning and I told her about cop mom. She dropped a few F Bombs (shocking very out of character). She said shut that nut case down and keep her away from E. I was suspicious she...
  19. Littleboylost

    Visit in Jail

    A kind family friend offered to visit son in jail. Felt he would try an intervention. It didn’t go well. Sons behaviour was extremely erratic. Up and down all over the place. Acusing us of horrible atrocities. Declaring he is never going to rehab and he wants us to drop the charges. Then...
  20. Sami12088

    Help with my 13 year old step daughter.

    Sorry this may be a long story. So my husband and I are a mixed family he has 2 girls from a previous marriage M 11 and N 13, and I have a son E 6. We have been living together almost 4 years. We both have full legal and physical custody of our children as both our our ex s are addicts...