1. F

    Don’t know what to do.

    I posted this in another forum, but I’m hoping it will get more views in this one. And one thing I forgot to add was that the little boy is always blaming someone else for his wrong doings. I don’t know what to do
  2. F

    Don’t know what to do…

    Hello everyone, I’m new to this so please cut me a little slack. I’m a foster sister. The children have been in mine and my parents home for 2 years now. Before this situation, we had a very close relationship with the children and their mother. The children in my home are a 9 yo boy and a 6yo...
  3. Blindsided

    When The Unknowing Tell You What You Need To Do

    This is my first post, so bear with me. I hope it’s not too confusing. My daughter’s, alias-May, dad died suddenly at age 55. Now her dad’s brother’s wife is reaching out to me on FB, alias-Sal. Sal says her boy (May’s cousin) visited May in her current home state, where May can get Medicaid...
  4. M

    Moved son out yesterday and am heartbroken

    My son is a pot addict. He is almost 22. He lives with me and my high school daughter who is a senior. The day before yesterday I sled him to do the dishes and to stop smoking pot in my house again. I did this calmly. He blew up at me again and lied, again. He is belligerent, blaming and angry...


    Hello, I have been searching for "HELP" ! I am a single mother. I have a 15 year old son that is OUT OF CONTROL! In one way I can say so far I am blessed to a point, I have not (so far) delt with him using any type of drugs. It is a "BEHAVIOR" situation. But it is a situation that has got...
  6. Tomorrowtoday

    He'd rather be homeless...

    Two weeks ago everything was normal. He's been on his medications for 8 years. No relapses. He's been going to school every day for two years and doing as well as can be expected. He even does little odd jobs to make money. But two weeks ago everything went to hell. He's 17, and they put his medical...
  7. H

    Please help me :(

    Hi everyone I feel so lost at the minute I do not know where to turn. My 13 year old son is a nightmare. He never used to be this way, we were so close and did everything together. Now I’m a dirty c*#t and it’s f you f this, he pushes me around and started to push my partner around too. He’s 6...
  8. Littleboylost

    Is this it?

    Son had declared he is off all drugs and does not want to do them any more. We said good for you! He slept all day Sunday when he was here for a visit. He looked very forlorn when we asked him to leave. We know he does not like where he lives. Today I sent him a text and heard nothing until...
  9. Littleboylost

    He is Ramping up Please give me Strenght.

    Difficult Child AS is really ramping up. Not that it is preventing him from partying and staying out all night and couch surfing. Says we are giving up on him too soon. He wants to do probation and community service diversion with out patient rehab. He wants to continue with school and by us putting him out...
  10. Littleboylost

    The Rediculous wait times for rehab and psychiatric care in Canada

    Ontario Today | Fatal overdose one day after asking for help It is well worth the listen. Sad mad and frustrated.
  11. Fao

    New Member, New Parent

    My name is Fao, I am bi-gendered, married for just over 2 years, 23, and have a 15 month old son (first child, most likely only child). I really need some advice. I will share my story, to give people some background about my situation. I probably sound whiny, but please understand I have never...
  12. M

    Don't know what to do :(

    My daughter is 19 and has been stealing since she was 17. First it was stores then from me. I have to begin by explaining how this hurts and how deep the pain goes. Our house was broken into for over a year off and on i lost pretty much everything. I was diagnosed with ptsd. I went into a deep...
  13. B

    Just my thoughts on why we keep coming back here

    I am one of the longest active members. When I first started here my kids were small and most of the parents had small kids. It was friendlier and busier before social media. My kids are grown. Most of yhe.posts are about older drug addicts or very.disturbed/disabled kids over 20. My problem...
  14. N

    Parent signature for 18 year old drop out?

    Does a child in North Carolina need parents permission to drop out if they are 18? I'm worried for my daughter but Im thinking that there isn't anything I can do about it
  15. N

    Child wants to leave

    Hi, I just have some questions that I'd like to have cleared up. My daughter, age 17, turns 18 real soon and says she wants to move back to Ohio right once she turns 18 and she wants to drop out of high school. She goes to school in North Carolina. Does she need a parents signature to drop out...
  16. Sleepless_&_Distraught

    15 going on 16 "daughter" - Help!!

    Hi all... I am in a unique situation and am totally going through very similar emotions as others I've read on here, as a result of a soon to be 16-year old girl. When this girl was 8-years old, she was in my intervention class, although she was brilliant. At the time, we were on year-round...